About Us

Bridge Intelia is a company founded by an education industry veteran with an aim to revolutionize the education ecosystem. An ecosystem which is making students learn the nuances of book information but, fails to make them industry ready to accept and face the real-world challenges.

The regular school / college classes with 1 teacher per 40 students or more got the founders of Bridge Intelia thinking about the ways education is being imparted to build the future of India. Traditional knowledge system with little relevance to practical aspects further triggered the thought process of creating a new generation platform that ensures India’s future is ready to accept upcoming business and industry challenges. Hence, evolved a digital platform that aims at unifying traditional learning concepts with new generation “Smartness driven” learning modules. This digital platform caters to the entire education ecosystem including students and educational institutions.

Bridge Intelia’s next generation digital platform provides solutions to three core segments:

  1. School Students (Class 3 till 10)
  2. College (Grad/Post Grad) Students
  3. Educational Institutions

Our Team

Pankaj Aggarwal (CEO)
28 Years rich experience in education
Bela Goel
25 years experience
Rajiv Dubey
28 years experience
Akanksha Chaturvedi
5 years experience
Ashish Jain
18 years experience
Devendra Sanwal
20 years experience


Aakash Khandelwal
20 Years experience
Daljeet Rana
15 years experience