BI Young Scientists Talent Fair - May 2021

Held On : Registrations Open. Limited Seats. Finals May/June 2021
Time : To be announced later for each category


GRADES Sub-Themes Sub-Themes
Nursery-KG 1) Physical properties of objects (color, shape, texture, etc.)
2) Structures of common plants and animals (arms, legs, wings, leaves, stems, roots, etc.)
3) Five senses, Seasonal Changes,earth's environments (mountains, rivers, oceans, valleys, and deserts)
1) Favourite Gadget
2) Digital storytelling
3) Favourite App/Website
Grade 1st-3rd 1) Habitat
2) Space and technology
3) Our Houses
1) Word Processing
2) Interview with an Animal - Video chat platforms
3)Create a Creature- Powerpoint
Grade 4th-5th 1) Force, Work, Energy
2) Health and Hygiene
3) Reproduction in Plants
1) Personification Stories
2) Vocabulary Trading Cards
3) Animal Diaries
Grade 6th-8th 1) Fibre to Fabric
2) Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals
3) Some Natural Phenomena
1) Publish a Digital Magazine
2) Scratch - Game development
3) Basic home Automations.
Grade 9th-10th 1) Biological diversity
2) Current and Magnetism.
3) Reproduction, heredity and evolution
1) Home Automations- Uno,Aurdino.
2) Artificial Intelligence - Scratch App
3) C + Java Projects - Networking Systems
Grade 11th-12th 1) Properties of Matter and Thermodynamics
2) Experiments of Organic Chemistry
3) Biotechnology and its Applications
1) UNO, Arduino, Breadboard Projects.
2) C + Python Projects - Using Data Science
3) Internet of Things Projects 



1) Decide a single theme from the above in which you want to participate.
2) Choose a single topic under the selected theme depending upon your Grade category.
3) Discuss with your teachers and parents about the topic.
4) Prepare a project for the decided topic.
5) Make video on the chosen topic depending upon your own creation and innovation.
6) The video gepreparation has to be made as per the guidelines given under Event Description.
7) For further queries mail to