3rd National Virtual Science Fair - STEM Education

Held On : Finals February
Time : 19th Feb - 27th Feb


STEM education is a decade-old education system and has taken over all the other traditional methods of learning. STEM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where students learn all four subjects in one place. This method of learning ensures that whatever students are reading has a direct relation with the real-life application. Problem-solving and critical thinking are the skills that students develop while working on STEM projects.

  1. A list of topics for project making is provided to all the students of different grade categories.
  2. Participants have to select a topic and prepare a project on the same.
  3. After selecting the topic, participants would be required to ensure that all aspects of STEM are covered in the project. An example of the same is mentioned in the TOPIC WISE STEM EXPLANATION tab.
  4. Then they have to shoot the video (in time-lapse mode) while explaining the entire project. Video duration should not exceed 5 minutes.
  5. Video needs to be uploaded on YouTube and its URL should be posted on the Student Dashboard of the Bridge Intelia Portal.
  6. The video will be evaluated by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and scores will be given on the scorecard. The scorecard will be displayed on the dashboard of the students.
  7. Shortlisted candidates (Finalists) will be called for the live online finals.
  8. Finalists will be interviewed live by a panel of Jury members.
  9. The jury will then evaluate the projects and will announce the winners during the live event.